Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Likes and Dislikes of a 2 Month Old

While she is only 8 weeks old, little Calleigh has a number of things she likes and things she doesn't.

1. Mee-Maw putting her glasses on her head always brings a smile to her face.
2. The song Back to Cali by Slash and Myles Kennedy, this is a sure fire way to send her to sleep.
3. The duck on her bouncer has her amazed whenever she can see it.
4. The ceiling at Mee-Maws house- she can't take her eyes off it.
5. Daddy's spot on the bed.

1. The noise when someone scores 100 on pointless freaks her out.
2. Mummy blowing raspberries at her.
3. The donut shaped duck on her bouncer, think she must know ducks are not supposed to have a massive hole in.

4. Mummy trying to put socks on her feet.
5. Getting out of the bath.

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