Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oh We Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside

My Mum was going down to Skegness at the weekend so I decided to take Calleigh down for her first weekend away. We stayed in my Mums' caravan in Chapel St Leonards. We arrived there early Friday morning, got Calleigh fed and settled then took her down Trunch Lane to see the amusements and the beach.

On Saturday Calleigh enjoyed watching us eat breakfast at Sue's. She got a bit of attention from an older boy, I didn't think I would have to worry about Calleigh and boys for at least a couple of years yet.

We then went into Skegness, did a bit of shopping and then walked around some of the amusements again. That was until I walked in to the over 18's area and we got kicked out, obviously Calleigh has got bad gambling habits, being a baby and all.

On Sunday we went to Ingoldmills market and then back down Trunch Lane to play a bit of bingo. Unfortunately Calleigh wasn't very lucky.

We then chilled in the caravan for the rest of the afternoon as it was a beautiful day. Although I don't think Calleigh was all too fond of the sun.

Got home Monday afternoon, couldn't wait to see Daddy again, and he had cleaned the whole house for us.
It was a very good weekend and I think we both enjoyed it. Can't wait to go again with Daddy next time.

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