Friday, 2 March 2012


Been thinking back to when I was pregnant today. I thought I would share the things I enjoyed and the things I, shall we say, didn't enjoy.

Lets start with the bad.

1. All the foods you can't eat, i mean whats wrong with runny eggs. I really missed my egg and soldiers in the morning.

2. Decaff tea. I do love my tea, so it was either no tea or decaff. Although there is nothing wrong with decaff it's just not the same as a good cup of Twinings English Breakfast in the morning.

3. The constant need to pee. This wasn't too bad at first until climbing the stairs became a trip up Mt. Everest.

4. Not being able to climb up all the rocks and hills on our trip to Cornwall.

And finally and most importantly...

5. The attention you get, I'm not one who enjoys being in the spotlight so walking in the pub and having 6 different people touch your belly and coo " ooh your getting bigger " was not enjoyable.

And now for the good!

Errrm ... ....

The only good thing i can think of is the end result and bringing such beautiful life into the world.
Oh and the lack of the monthly present from mother nature is always a plus.

Here is a picture of me just before little Calleigh escaped.

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  1. You can't eat runny eggs??? What! That's ridiculous lol. And no tea.. I have no idea how you did it

    Also. You were huge.