Thursday, 12 April 2012

Have I Got Something On My Face??

I can't believe Calleigh is now nearly 20 weeks old. Time really does fly by. She's becoming such a big girl now and she's got lots of character. It's finally got to that point where I can't take my eyes off her for 2 seconds without her getting up to something.

I decided to have a stab at weaning once she got to 17 weeks as I noticed she was showing me all the signs that she's ready. By that I mean trying to eat everything that comes within an inch of her mouth, lucky she hasn't got any teeth yet or she wouldn't have any fingers left. She also stares at me intensely whenever I'm eating which is slightly off putting.

It's been going really well, so far she's only tasted banana, carrot and potato but she seems to really enjoy them all. The first time I gave her a taste of banana, I only intended to give her a small amount but she couldn't get enough, she loved it. Then came the carrots, now this was a bit messier, but she also loved her carrots too. I can't wait to experiment with more flavours.

What you looking at?

Took Calleigh on another trip down to the seaside last weekend with my mum and sister. Had another really good time, even if the weather wasn't the best. Calleigh enjoyed a bit more bingo, gave lots of smiles to random strangers and helped Auntie Lana do a jigsaw. Amazingly she actually found two bits that go together, although before I sign her up to Harvard I think it was just a fluke.

No Lana! That bit doesn't go there!!

We also had a good game of Texas Hold 'Em. She's a proper card shark, the amount of full houses she had was incredible.

All In!

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