Sunday, 6 May 2012

Calleigh's Week

Calleigh has had a very busy week this last week. So I thought I'd take the time to share with you all some of the things she got up to.

On Monday we took Calleigh to get weighed, she now weighs in at 13lbs 15oz, nearly a whole stone!! We then did a bit of shopping down Derby. Got lots of little outfits for her and some for me too :-). We even brought her some things from Baker Baby, which she looks adorable in.

On Friday we went to see Great Nanna, who was more than pleased to see how well shes growing. And also how clever she is, she went straight for the money Great Nanna was holding, we taught her well.

Went shopping again today as I've been wanting to get her a new Play mat for a while. And after looking at many different ones, i decided on the one I wanted but didn't want to pay £57 for it, so it was just my luck that when we found it in Mothercare it was reduced to £30!! Got it set up as soon as we got home and Calleigh enjoyed a good half hour playing around with and eating it. Although judging from the look she gave me on the photo, I don't think was happy with me.

We then went out into the garden to watch Daddy mow the lawn. As it was quite sunny we had to put her little sun hat on. Living in England we don't get much chance to put on the sun hat, but she looks so cute in it I might just put it on more anyway.

And after a long day she was all too ready to have a nice long nap on Daddy. Sooo Cute!

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