Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Two Weeks Without Daddy

Last month Daddy had to go to America for 2 weeks for work, so Calleigh and I packed our bags and decided to crash at Mee-Maws.We soon took over the house with all Calleigh's things.

Calleigh was a very good girl for the whole two weeks, although I think she noticed that someone very important was missing everyday. We had lots of fun hanging out with Mee-Maw and Auntie Lana. Looking at books, playing games and bouncing around were just some of the fun activities.

I even caught Calleigh attempting to steal some of Auntie Lana's DVDs while she thought no-one was looking.

Mummy and Auntie Lana also had a lot of fun when we found out how crazy Calleigh's legs go when you lift her off the ground in her bouncer.

We spent the last night back at home so we would be ready for Daddy when he got back in the morning. As soon as Daddy walked through the door he was greeted with big smiles from his little girl he had missed so much!

We're hoping Daddy doesn't have to go away without us for long again, but at least we know that if he does, we will be OK.

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