Friday, 22 June 2012

Calleigh's Best Moment's From June

A couple of weeks ago Daddy and I took Calleigh to the seaside again. She loves being down there so much that I'm taking her down again today with my mum and sister.
The weather was brilliant and we managed to take Calleigh on the beach whilst she was awake!! All previous times she has slept through the beach and the amusements, so it was awesome to see her have her first encounter with sand and sea.

"What's Daddy doing?"

Trying to win Mummy some money

It was nice to see the sun come back this week. So i made sure i took the opportunity to take Calleigh to the park. I took a walk down with Steve after he had come round to kindly mow the lawn (By that i mean after I had asked him to mow the lawn).
She slept on the way down and then woke up ready to tackle the swing. Although the roundabout she was still unsure of.


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