Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Guide To Etiqutte At The Dinner Table

As Calleigh is now over 6 months old (where has the time gone!!) I've stepped up her weaning routine a notch as there is a much wider variety now available to tickle her little taste buds. And as fun as it is introducing all these new foods it can get very messy, no, it DOES get very messy.

Having invested in a little seat with a tray, it has become much easier to feed her than on my knee. Although she has picked up some habits.

Here for you all is Calleigh's guide to etiquette at the table.

  1. Once placed in the seat, bang on the tray until food is placed in front of you. This way you ensure food is delivered in the quickest time possible.
  2. With the first spoonful always, always pretend you don't like it. This may just fool them into giving up.
  3. If that doesn't work and no bottle is produced make sure you test the food fully by smearing it all over your face. Your mouth is the last place you want the food to go at this stage.
  4. Once you have tested, give some to mummy to taste. To do this take the food in your mouth and attempt to blow a raspberry.
  5. Now you are satisfied that there is nothing wrong with the food play along and eat, eat, eat.
  6. Half way through, quickly grab the spoon out of mummy's hand and empty the contents onto the tray. This way you can smush your hand into and smear it all over the place.

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