Wednesday, 27 June 2012

She Drives Me Crazy Woah Oh Oh

Kind of a misleading title there but it links in pretty well with this post.

It goes without saying that babies learn new things very often and very fast. In Calleigh's case she has mastered crawling backwards, pulling herself up, hiding from mummy and attempting to perform leaps of faith off the sofa (much to my displeasure). Unfortunately crawling forwards is still a battle that is yet to be won.
So this weekend it was a shock to find out that Calleigh has mastered the art of driving. I never thought my little princess would drive before she could crawl.

Shouting at Auntie Lana to get out of the way

I can't believe how much it actually looks like she's driving, she even tries to beep the horn.

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  1. just like her grandad - dreams of being behind the wheel of a car before she can even walk.