Sunday, 22 July 2012

Calleigh By The Mississippi

It's been a very very hot week here in St Louis and is looking to be the same all through next week as well. Aside from the weather Calleigh and I have had a quiet week. As Daddy has to work all day there's not much for us to do but  I think next week we are going to drop him off at work which gives us the freedom to go a little further from the hotel. I did however find a Starbucks just down the road from the hotel which made me very happy.

On Friday night there was a concert on next to our hotel so we walked down to check it out and Calleigh got to touch a firetruck.

Yesterday all three of us took a drive into downtown St Louis. We stopped off at the science centre first to fill our brains with knowledge before heading off to see the Gateway Arch.

There was a game on at Busch Stadium and it was quite busy so we parked up and decided to go on foot. Seemed a good idea at the time. We walked downhill towards through the historic riverfront (all cobbled paths) and to the Mississippi River.

Unfortunately after a long walk beside the river we were gutted to discover there was nowhere for us to get back up to our car apart from steps. And so began the epic challenge to get us all up in one piece.

Finally back home we took a well earned rest before heading back out to drive around Rockwoods. This time, as well as more Deer, we saw a Raccoon going through a trashcan, some Beavers and a Falcon or Hawk chasing some Crows.

What we did on my Birthday

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