Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Last Weekend: Butterflies and Budweiser

Woke up Sunday morning and it was a bit dull looking outside. First time we have seen bad weather since we've been out here. So in light of the dull weather we decided to do the Budweiser Brewery Tour.

We spent the morning walking around the working brewery and Calleigh was more than anxious to meet Mr Busch.

At the end of the tour Mummy and Daddy enjoyed some more free beer and were delighted to see the sun had decided to come out after all.

Next stop was the Butterfly House in Faust Park. I had been here before on my birthday but due to the crippling heat on that day, neglected to take any photos. This time however we got some lovely shots of Calleigh enjoying the tropical garden of butterflies.

Daddy was even lucky enough to have one sit on his leg.

However the day does not end there. Mummy decided it would be a good idea to end the day with a gentle walk amongst the trees. So we headed on down to Rockwoods and began the trail. It was good at first, we did all the things the booklet told us to do, found an old stone wall and looked for old fossils. It was only then i read out cross the stepping stones and climb up the steps.

As you can see we decided we could do it, so we took Calleigh out of the pushchair and dragged it up the steep steps. It was only a little later on down the trail that I realised we should of just turned back there. But no, we carried on.
We fought against rocky paths, overgrown trees, narrow paths with death drops, rickety old bridges, more steps, steep hills and buzzing mosquito's before we finally got to the top and was rewarded with a beautiful view. Although at one point I feared that Paul was going to shove me off it for making him endure this.

After this and a few more rocky bits we were happy to see the return of some good old tarmac as we made our way back down to earth.

Finally back at the bottom sweaty, knackered and relieved Daddy said "We should do that again some time".

We have had a brilliant couple of weeks out here in St Louis but today is our last day.
We fly back to England tomorrow and as much as I'm going to miss it here I can't wait to get back home.

See you soon England xx