Sunday, 15 July 2012

St Louis- The First 3 Days

It's our third day here at St Louis and it is hot, hot, hot. It's been in the mid 90's everyday so far and is yet to get hotter in the week. Calleigh seems to be doing OK in the heat, she's a little grumpier than usual but has not been effected by the time difference and is sleeping as normal.

On Friday we started the day with breakfast at iHop and just did a bit of travelling around to find out where we want to go and what we want to see. We drove around a few state parks and I even had my first successful drive in an automatic car (my last attempt didn't go so well).

In the afternoon we took Calleigh down to the pool in the hotel for her first little swim. The water was a bit cold but she didn't seem to mind too much, we were only in for a few minutes. She enjoyed splashing mummy the most.

On Saturday we went around the malls and did a bit of shopping, well I did a bit of shopping, Calleigh just shouted at others shoppers and Daddy just followed Mummy around.
We then went to the Rockwoods Reservation and planned which trails we were going to do. Neither Daddy nor I are massive walking fans so we decided on the smaller walks which we will do later in the week once we get some bug spray. As we were making our way out a beaver ran across the road in front of us causing Daddy to slam on the breaks, which is also when we found out that we hadn't secured Calleigh's car seat down properly and it flew into the back of Daddy's seat. I forgot to take my seat belt off as I tried to run out to Calleigh's aid. Once we pulled her up out of the foot well she just looked at us and laughed.. what a crazy child.

Today we went to the Zoo. Calleigh enjoyed seeing the reptiles, monkeys, lions, bears, birds, stingrays and penguins before falling asleep and missing the rest. She loved every minute off the zoo and enjoyed looking at the unusual creatures. Although I think she was more impressed at having her photo taken as every time the camera was in front of her she gave the cheesiest grin ever. What a poser.


  1. Aw, such a sweet post! I'm thinking of taking my little girl for her first swim soon, but I'm a bit nervous about it! Was Calleigh ok straight away? I'm really worried Alice will just scream her head off! xx

    1. She never cried but wasn't sure at first. It wasn't a baby pool so the water was very cold, which is why we didn't stay in long. But once she started splashing she was fine, just like a big cold bath. I'm sure Alice will be fine xx