Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Birthday Blog

So yesterday was my 23rd birthday and it was very strange to spend it away from my twin sister and my mum. But we definitely made it a good one.
Calleigh and Daddy brought me tea and presents in the morning before Daddy had to go to work.

Instead of spending the day alone in the hotel I had arranged to go out with Leslie (one of Paul's colleagues wife). She took me and Calleigh to a Butterfly House where we could walk through a greenhouse garden filled with hundreds and hundred of exotic butterfly's and plants. It was really beautiful and Calleigh loved watching them fly past her head. I really wished I could of got a picture but it was so hot in there I really couldn't be bothered. Maybe next time. There was also a chance to feed the cockroaches if you wanted to but somehow that did not sound like something I wanted to do, or will ever want to do.

Daddy came home from work early and handed me a yummy slice of carrot cake and we arranged to go down to Castlewood State Park and have a picnic by the river. However because we couldn't be bothered to make sandwiches we stopped off at subway on the way down and let them do it for us.


After we finished eating we walked down to the river and Calleigh enjoyed kicking her feet about in the sand.

That night we had planned to go and see the new Batman movie in the theatre across from our hotel but Calleigh was in a bit of a mood so we thought it would be better to head down to Hard Rock Cafe instead. It was definitely the right choice. Hard Rock Cafe was actually inside the Union Station along with a beautiful indoor pond full of fish. So we got to feed the fishes before having a nice cold beer whilst enjoying the Rock Memorabilia.

Say Fiiiiiiiiiissssssshhhhhhhh

It was truly a great birthday! Thank you to my lovely husband for making it happen.

Today is the average post birthday blues day. Only made better by watching Calleigh making friends with herself in the mirror.

"Why Calleigh you're looking beautiful today"

"Shut up and kiss me you fool"

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  1. Love it - love you all - thank you so very much - miss you all.
    enjoy the american dream.