Monday, 20 August 2012

A Good Nights Sleep

I Feel I have been very lucky with Calleigh. From about 3 weeks old our little bundle of joy started sleeping through the night. She loves her sleep (just like her Dad), even now I find that me or Daddy has to wake her up in the morning because shes sleeping too long.

I know what you may be thinking. Wow she must have a really good bedtime routine. But alas there is no routine, Calleigh simply knows when it's bedtime, and she has done for a long time.

When she was 3 months old we started putting her in her cot to sleep. She adjusted very well and it was no trouble at all. She wasn't always in her cot, when we first brought her home from hospital Mummy was still in a lot of pain from her operation so Daddy stayed downstairs for the night shift whilst Mummy rested up. When she was 2 weeks old we decided to move her into our bed. Now this, we were told, is a big no no, so I don't condone it in any way. But it worked for us. She loved sleeping with us and we felt safe knowing exactly where she was.

After a couple of weeks Calleigh started taking liberties and Mummy and Daddy were pushed to the edge of the bed. It's amazing how much space such a tiny thing can take up.
So that's when we decided to move her into her Moses Basket, after all we did buy it for a reason. But she wasn't in it for too long though as it was a rocking one and she didn't half rock it. So we moved her into the cot and that's about where we are now.


  1. You are one lucky lady! I have a very strict bedtime routine with Alice and she still wakes up at about 6am every day! What time do you put Calleigh to bed? xx

    1. She used to wake up early, It's only since we came back off holiday she has been sleeping in.
      She usually has a nap in the evening between 7 and 9 and then has some food and then we put her down for the night.