Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Sunny Day Out In Nottingham

I took Calleigh down to Victoria Centre in Nottingham today, along with Auntie Lana, to enter her into the Baby and Toddler of the year competition run by the Nottingham Post.
After a few tears due to the strange lady with a huge camera in her face we finally got some brilliant smiles and hopefully some winning photos of Calleigh. We have to go down next week to take a look at them but I think voting begins in this Sunday's Nottingham Post.
So if you happen to pick up a copy be sure to vote for Calleigh.

After a bit of shopping we stopped for lunch in Starbucks where Auntie Lana ate the shop dry before heading back to Market Square where there is currently a big artificial beach and some rides. As it was a lovely sunny day we decided to park our bums on the sand and let Calleigh have a play.

She loved the feel of the sand between her little fingers and managed to cover herself, me and Lana in sand before we decided we had eaten enough of it.

We moved on to one of the rides which me and Lana were able to go on with her. We went round and round and round and Calleigh had so much fun that she fell asleep almost instantly after we got off.

Back at home we decided to stay out in the sun for a bit longer, after all you never know when It's going to be this nice again.


  1. Send me a text to remind me when she pops up in the post, she's got my vote xx

  2. that girl is so full of happy smiles............

  3. Such sweet pictures! Where is her lovely dress from?? xx


    1. Awh thank you :-) The dress is from Asda, they have some lovely baby clothes xx