Sunday, 12 August 2012

Home Sweet Home

We have been back home for over a week now and just about settled back in. The flight home was a breeze, Calleigh even got her own seat and slept most of the way.

The normally dreadful English weather has been good to us and we have seen some beautiful days since we have been back.
It was great catching up with family and showing them the tons of photos of Calleigh on her travels.

We also celebrated Daddy's birthday last week. We made him some cookies and ninjabread men and then Calleigh and Daddy spent the afternoon playing his favourite game on the Xbox- Red Dead Redemption.

I love being back in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by family, but I am definitely missing being over there. You just can't beat it. On that note I will announce that all being well with pending visas and job offers we will be moving out there to live in January next year.
A whole new life awaits us out there and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we cannot and will not let pass by.


  1. Haha, that first picture made me laugh xx

  2. what a wonderful smile - my babies baby always brings a smile to my face - such happy memories made every day - I like to think - especially for me......