Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's all about Cats and Birds

Mee-maw had the day off work on Tuesday so Calleigh and I went to spend the day at hers. Calleigh spent the morning exploring the house and keeping us on our toes. She also followed the cat around for a bit, much to the poor cats displeasure. It was your typical stand off when the two came face to face.
In the afternoon, thanks to the nice sunshine we were having, I decided to go up to Attenborough Nature Reserve so Calleigh could see some birds.
After parking up Mee Maw and Calleigh went on ahead whilst I paid for parking. When I caught up with them Calleigh was stone faced, completely uninterested whilst Mee Maw was being attacked by the huge swans. I had a little laugh, being the nice person that I am before going to rescue them.

After a quick cuppa I decided on a bit of shopping as there were some shops nearby.
Spent some money on Calleigh as always and even spent some of Mee Maws money on Calleigh too. She's a spoilt little girl.  
Here are some more photos from Attenborough just so you can see how excited Calleigh was to be there.



  1. Haha, she's obviously having a GREAT time, bless her. Those birds are huge! x

  2. She's usually so smiley aswell. At one point a swan grunted at her, she just stared it down.. hard as nails that kid lol x