Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Look in Calleigh's Toy Box

We got a new toy box to keep all Calleigh's toys in (and save us from tripping over them 5 times a day).
Today you get to take a peek inside at some of Calleigh's favourite toys.
This is monkey we brought Calleigh from Saint Louis. This is more a favourite of mine as it has sticky arms and legs. I like to wrap him round Calleigh when she's crawling around and watch her get angry with him for following her around.
Some books and Handy Manny DVD's. Calleigh loves books, in the first words book theres a picture of a cat which she meows at and a dog on the next page which she shouts "Do" at (I think that means dog).
Here are some random things that Calleigh sneaks in there. A comb, a TV remote and some sun cream.
Strange child.
Calleigh usually goes in there and picks out what she wants to play with. Or just throws things on the floor and puts them back in, this can go on for a while.



  1. it's pleasing to see that Calleigh puts her toys back after throwing them on the floor - unlike her mum who used to throw them on the floor - laugh and walk off.
    she is looking so big now, I will have to come up very soon.

    1. Would be nice to see you.. It's Ilkeston fair this weekend (well weds-sat I think) so hoping to take Calleigh down one day.