Monday, 15 October 2012

My Top 3 Baby Buys

When your pregnant and expecting your first child it can be pretty daunting when deciding what to buy for the impending arrival of your first born. I know for me and I was looking at lists and lists of things you need and I often found myself wondering do I really need this? When am I going to use this?
Once you've got the essentials all sorted there is still an endless list of things that might come in handy.
Here are the 3 things that are not essential but what I have found to be extremely useful.
1. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus - Nappy Disposal Bin

It's no secret that baby poo smells.. really bad. So for me this has been a life saver. It kills germs and locks in those nasty odours so your not constantly running outside to get rid of those dirty nappies to save your house from the smell. It holds about 20 nappies until you have to empty it and the wrapping lasts for ages. Refills are cheap too and come in handy packs of three so you never find yourself without a spare.
2. Slumber Buddies Butterfly Night Light
Slumber Buddies Night Light

This is such a great item, we put it on every night at bedtime and Calleigh loved looking at the stars it projects onto the ceiling. It glows blue, red or green and plays soothing lullabies or a heartbeat sound to simulate what baby heard in the womb. It also has auto shut off after 30 minutes so we didn't need to disturb Calleigh to turn it off. It was definitely Calleigh's favourite bedtime companion.
3. Disney Store Wonder Room and Linen Spray

This is more a favourite of mine. It smells absolutely gorgeous and I use it to spray around Calleigh's bed  and in her room to keep it smelling baby sweet. Disney describes it's aroma as "A delicate scent of lemon sugar, apple blossoms and marshmallow clouds" and it really is heavenly. It's alcohol free so it's completely safe and even described as the perfect environmental scent for a baby's room. It's also available as a perfume for you or a reed diffuser. 

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