Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nowhere is Safe

Calleigh and I went to visit Auntie Lana yesterday. Every time I walk in the door I can almost see the cat think "Oh No! Not Again!!". You see now Calleigh is, shall we say, mobile the cat finds it very hard to sit down in peace.
Now yesterday I think Calleigh took it to a new level and informed the cat that sitting at a height is no longer safe either. Bianca (the cat) jumped up to the top of her scratching post and Calleigh, displeased with the fact that she could no longer chase her around the floor, began shaking the post to try to get her to come down.

Motion shot so a little shaky

Poor Cat
Upon realising that cat's have exceptional holding on skills. Calleigh gave up and moved on to something new. This time she decided that Mee-Maws glass door was a bit dirty and gave it a little clean for her.

 Silly Baby


  1. Bianca looks so annoyed haha, what a funny baby x

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! Calleigh is gorgeous!! :) x

  3. girl - you take that picture down straight away - I don't want calleigh's class mates calling her a window licker when she gets older. dad x

  4. thanks a ton for stopping by my blog earlier! I'm now following you back! By the way, I tried responding to your comment on my post but it says you're a no reply blogger (you can google how to change that) because if you dont nobody can ever reply back to you...don't want that! that's how we become friends! haha. excited to be your newest follower!

    1. Thanks for the info and the follow. I will get that sorted. Thanks again x

  5. She is so cute!!! Poor cat indeed haha :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Following back!