Thursday, 15 November 2012

Birthday Countdown

The countdown to Calleigh's birthday has begun with only two weeks left until the big day.

Sleepy baby
5 days old

I have been very busy shopping for presents and think I am just about done, although I must admit my purse is definitely feeling lighter now.
We have planned a little party for her the following Saturday which I am looking forward to. Not only because of the gorgeous cake I have ordered but to get together with family and friends again.
It's hard to believe that my tiny little princess is soon to be a big 1 year old. Where does the time go!
It seems like it was only yesterday when Paul picked us both up and brought us home.

I remember how she looked like a little frog because her feet were always in the air (she was breech). Now she likes her legs as straight as possible, annoying when your changing her nappy!
Tiny toes
Tiny little toes
At least we have some things to look forward to before then.
This weekend the fair is on and Auntie Lana will be sitting in a cage to raise money for Children In Need.
Next weekend we are heading down to Ipswich to visit my Dad and take a gander at the Christmas Market at Bury St Edmund's.

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