Monday, 5 November 2012

Calleigh's Menu: 11 Months

Calleigh loves her food, she's not fussy at all and is more than happy to try anything, very unlike me who has always been fussy about food.
Although she still has no teeth she can get through most foods using her gums so it's no problem.
Just this week we have introduced some new things so I thought I would let you know how it's going.
Breakfast: Calleigh always starts her morning with a bottle, then an hour or two later we will give her breakfast. This week we have introduced weetabix with cow's milk (blue top). Although it's recommended not to give you baby cow's milk as a drink until 12 months, she's not actually drinking it and she's almost a year old anyway.

Lunch: For lunch Calleigh now has sandwiches. I have only tried her with cheese spread at the moment but she loves it. There is hardly ever anything left over. Calleigh was not fond on the baby brand nibbles so I tried her on a few wotsits. She ate the whole packet!! (minus the two that Daddy stole).

Dinner: Calleigh will usually have a jar of pre-made baby food for dinner from the 10 month range. Her favourite at the moment is Beef, Tomato and Mashed Potato. This works for me better at the moment but pretty soon she will be eating what we eat, when we eat. She also loves yogurt, again we buy just normal kids yogurt, I think it's munch bunch.
We both went for a meal Halloween night with Mee-Maw and Auntie Lana. I ordered her fish fingers, peas and chips off the children's menu. I think it went down OK, although she had more fun throwing her peas on the floor.

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