Saturday, 17 November 2012

First Walkers

Since Calleigh's birthday is coming up and she is inches away from taking her first steps on her own I have been in the market for some new shoes, her first pair of grown up first walkers.
First walkers are important to provide comfort and support for your baby when they are new to walking. A good fit is also important so I used the printable size guide on the Tiny Toes Baby Shoes website to find out Calleigh's shoe size.
It's nice that she now has a shoe size instead of just having to judge it on how many months she is. I always found that they were either too big or too small.
The key things I have been looking for are: Comfort, Style and Durability.
I have managed to narrow down my choice to 2 pairs of shoes.
Option 1
Clarks Ida Chic G Slip-on Shoe from Brantano
Clarks Shoe
Image Source
This shoe is made from leather with a rubber sole, ideal and robust enough for first walkers. The Velcro fastening makes them easy to get on and off which is a definite plus when you've got a wiggler like Calleigh is.
It retails on the Brantano website for £24.00 which I think is a very reasonable price for the quality of the shoe.
Option 2
Girls White Flower Mary Jane from Tiny Toes Baby Shoes
Girls White Flower Mary Jane
Image Source
These shoes are made with the finest Italian leather and a fine soft leather interior for maximum comfort. Each shoe is handmade down to the smallest detail. They are developed specifically to provide support over that transition period from crawling to walking.
These retail on the Tiny Toes Baby Shoes website for £39.99. A little more expensive but they do sound much higher quality. Every inch of this shoe is designed with baby in mind.

Both shoes are very good and I may find myself buying both. Even as young as Calleigh, a girl can never have enough shoes!


  1. don't do it - she will be out of those size in about 4 weeks - you will be amazed how quick she will grow up now - once she starts walking she will start to thin out and shoot up - including her feet.