Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting Ready For Winter

I love dressing for the colder months of the year. I love big jumpers and cosy cardigans, I love accessorising with scarves and hats and I love being at home wrapped up in my dressing gown and slippers.
The same goes for Calleigh. It's very important to make sure that babies are nice and warm when out and about but also looking good at the same time.
So I have been very busy buying lot's of winter items recently.
I love this pink stripe jumper from Mothercare, it's very cute with it's bow detail and keeps Calleigh nice and warm when getting up to her usual mischief at home.
As for hats, scarves and gloves they don't usually stay on as much as I'd like them to (just like in summer when Calleigh wouldn't keep her summer hat on). So I was delighted when I found this lovely set from Matalan.
The hat has got a tie ribbon to ensure it's not pulled off and the matching scarf and gloves really complete the look.
I know someone who's not having cold ears this winter.

Again with boots, It's a lottery as to how long they stay on. You have to keep one eye on the ground when you're out and about to make sure one hasn't been kicked off.
Check out these adorable Ugg style boots I picked up from Tiny Toes Baby Shoes.
These are such great quality, cute and actually managed to stay on for the whole of our walk and then some. Now I don't know about you but to me that is something!

Finally a good winter coat is important. For me I've recently purchased a Parka which I am in love with, it's so warm.
For Calleigh I brought a coat from Mothercare last winter which she wore all through the colder months of last year, so when I found a larger size on sale in the summer I had to buy one. It's just been brought out and fits perfectly.

Calleigh last winter

Calleigh now

 Make sure you all wrap up for winter and keep those feet warm, no one likes cold feet :-)

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