Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy First Birthday!

It was Calleigh's first birthday yesterday and boy was she a spoilt little girl.
She woke up around 7:30 and joined us in our bedroom to play with some brightly coloured stacked boxes. She ripped one of them and looked at us as if she had done something naughty bless her. Daddy had to show her how it was done.


After a good breakfast, a little nap and a bath we got Calleigh dressed in her birthday outfit and headed off to see Nanna and Grandad.
Birthday Outfit
Nanna and Grandad had lots more presents for her to unwrap. Her favourite was the Disney Princess Ride Along, especially when Grandad pushed her really fast.
More Presents

We then did a bit of Christmas shopping while Calleigh had a nap and went to visit Great Nanna (who always spoils Calleigh's tea with lots of biscuits!).
Mee-Maw and Auntie Lana came round later on and brought even more presents. We then all went down to our local for a few celebratory drinks. Some of our friends even brought down some presents and cards for Calleigh, it was very unexpected and very very nice of them.


Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. Calleigh had a great day and has lots of new goodies to keep her entertained for, well, about 10 minutes. Now we are looking forward to her party on Saturday!


  1. Hahahha, one of these pictures just made me laugh like an idiot at my desk. I bet you can guess which one

    I hope I didn't get her something she already has for her birthday.. i cant go back to toys r us, it was a steep learning curve for me when i discovered that one year olds dont play with barbies haha x

    1. It wouldn't be the one where she's smiling like a loon would it? Haha.

      I think the age thing is annoying, there are loads of things that I think should be suitable for 1 year olds xx

    2. haha, she looks like a drunk person doing really enthusiastic karaoke x

  2. Aww bless her. Glad she had a lovely day! x