Thursday, 8 November 2012

Our Trip To Copenhagen: Day 2

Day two started with breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Ristorante Frascati. Paul then nipped out to get me a hairbrush and we went back up to the room to let Calleigh have a nap before the busy day she had ahead of her.

Our first point of call was The Little Mermaid about a half an hour walk from the hotel. Although we took a slightly longer route so we could see Nyhavn (New Harbour). It was beautiful with colourful buildings either side of the harbour and a giant anchor in the middle. We planned to come back here for lunch.

We carried on our walk and soon arrived at Langelinie and The Little Mermaid. Calleigh was asleep at this point (as usual) so missed out on seeing her. If you want to know the story about her find I posted her story here.

After a short tea stop looking out at sea, Paul decided to take us back to see Amalienborg (home to the Danish Royal Family) and the harbour another way. Several miles later we decided that this wasn't the best route, we couldn't see the Palace anywhere and somehow ended up back on Strøget. So we decided to stop for lunch. We found a nice Café called Café Scandi and headed inside. Paul and I both ordered the lunch buffet and Christmas Beer. We helped ourselves to a good selection of dishes and I even tried a green olive. After spitting it out straight away I concluded that it tastes like Paul's socks soaked in vinegar, I knew there was a reason I hadn't had one before.
I like Calleigh in the mirror on this one hehe
We made our way back to the hotel to rest our feet from all the walking and toyed with the idea of catching the train to Malmö, Sweden. After some research it didn't look like there was going to be much to do so we decided against it and headed back to Strøget for an evening walk. I wanted to try a hot chocolate in a place called La Glace but unfortunately they were closing as we got there so we ended up sat outside Café Norden listening to a street performer sing The Beatles. Bliss.

On the way back to the Hotel I stopped to get my Dad some Christmas beer and finally got hold of a blue Santa hat. Yay.

That evening after Calleigh had gone to bed, Paul and I ordered some Italian Antipasti and Champagne. Great end to a great day!!

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  1. sounds amazing! I have a hat similar to your catty one, and you look so happy in your santa hat haha x