Thursday, 27 December 2012

Calleigh's Christmas Day

We all had a great Christmas this year. Calleigh got Lot's of presents from Santa, ate loads of food and overall had a truly amazing but tiring day (she couldn't wait to get to bed).

More Presents!!

Calleigh opening her present

A few of the things Calleigh got for Christmas

In her Christmas dress

The dinner table all set

Calleigh's Christmas dinner

Yummy :-)

More presents at Mee-Maws

Calleigh's favourite part of the day: Opening the Cat
My favourite part of the day: Seeing Paul shed a little tear when he opened his iPad (I fooled him into thinking I only brought him some teabags and a book, then sprung it on him)
Paul's favourite part of the day: Probably the same as mine.
The fun isn't over yet, tomorrow the three of us are going to Nanna and Grandad's for another Christmas dinner and to see Auntie Emma and Uncle Jim.
Looking forward to that!
Thank you to all our family and friends who brought Calleigh gifts :-)
I hope you all had a brilliant day too!

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  1. Looks like you had a great day. I love her dress, so cute! x