Monday, 31 December 2012

This Was Calleigh's Year: 2012

Wow, what a year this has been.
It has definitely been an interesting one.
Paul and I have been finding ourselves as first time parents and Calleigh has grown up so much .
It doesn't seem that long ago since we all saw the year 2012 in (well Calleigh fell asleep at 11:50pm so didn't technically see it in). I can't wait to see what next year has in store for us. One thing I am sure of is that Calleigh will continue to grow into a beautiful little angel drama queen!!
2012 was the year I started this blog for Calleigh and I am determined to continue it throughout 2013 hopefully after that too. Here are some of my past posts that mark important milestones of the past year.
Calleigh's first holiday to St Louis, Missouri
Meeting Santa for the first time
And a very Merry Christmas.
I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!!
Party Hats
Calleigh and I celebrating last year

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