Sunday, 2 December 2012

Party Time

It was Calleigh's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday. She had a great time and lots of friends and family were there to celebrate with us.
Daddy looked after Calleigh whilst I prepared everything ready for the party. Everything went to plan (yay) and Mee-Maws house looked great.

I ordered a special Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes for Calleigh and they both looked amazing.
Calleigh arrived fashionably late as usual. But once she was here she went straight into opening her presents, or more precisely, playing with the bows. Thank you to everyone who brought her a present it really means a lot to us and Calleigh beans.

Calleigh enjoyed playing with Sarah's little kiddies Luca and Leora too and it was great to see them, they are so adorable! Once the presents were all opened we could all eat, Calleigh didn't eat much as I think she was a bit tired but she did enjoy picking at the party food on her plate.
Thank you to everyone who came and made the day extra special!
And just to finish off here is a little video of Calleigh opening something that she didn't much like the look of, hehe.


  1. Haha, I love that video! It was a very good day xx

  2. wow - looks like a great day - sorry I couldn't be there - keep posting the blog - love and miss you all