Monday, 10 December 2012

Weekend with Nanna and Grandad

Calleigh went to stay with Nanna and Grandad last weekend. It gave us some time to do some present wrapping and a well needed house clean.
It looks like she had a great weekend. She met Santa at the Little Eaton Garden Centre on Saturday and also touched a Pereguine Falcon. And on Sunday she went up to Bakewell.
Here are some lovely photo's of her weekend.
With Big Ted
Chilling with Big Ted

Admit One to Santa's Grotto
Ticket to see Santa

Meeting Santa
Meeting Santa for the first time

Touching a Falcon
Touching a Falcon (Lucky girl!)

Looking at the Fish
Excited at the fish

All Wrapped Up
All wrapped up in Bakewell

On a ride
Having fun on a ride in the amusements

In Bakewell
Looking thrilled

With Barney
Don't look now Nanna, there's a purple Dinosaur behind me!

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