Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Personalise It (Photo Frame Review)

<a href="">Personalised Photo Frames</a>

I love personalisation, if it was up to me I would have everything personalised as I think it adds so much more to an otherwise simple gift. 
So when I was contacted by the online company I was more than happy to accept a review of one of their personalised gifts. I was offered the choice of a personalised photo frame or piggy bank, as you can see I opted for the personalised photo frame as I have so many photo's of Calleigh beans without homes. 

I received (very quickly I might add) a wooden 6x4 frame engraved with Calleigh Emma and it is beautiful.

<a href="">Personalised Photo Frames</a>

Made with high quality wood and has the choice of being free standing or wall hanging.

<a href="">Personalised Photo Frames</a>

That's not all the company makes, they have a very wide range of personalised gifts. You can shop from categories such as Gifts for men, Anniversary presents, Wedding presents, Photo gifts, Personalised gifts or if your looking for the perfect gift for that special someone this Valentines Day try their Valentines gifts section.

They offer free delivery within the United Kingdom so no need to worry about pricey delivery charges!

Still not convinced- you can check out some of their customer testimonials here.

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If you want to find out more about the company or see what new products they have on offer you can follow them on
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Outfit of the Month: January

Outfit of the Month
Going back to the 70's with flared jeans

Outfit of the Month
excuse the drunk look

Outfit of the Month

Outfit of the Month

Outfit of the Month

Minnie jumper- George at Asda
Flared jeans- George at Asda 

*Pardon the mess in the background of the photo's, that is what happens after Calleigh has been in a room for 5 minutes. You can tell people love it when we go to visit.*

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Learning to Speak

Calleigh's first word was "meow". Now this may not technically be a word, probably more of a sound, but she meows when she sees cat's and that to me makes it her first word. 

Calleigh can now say a few more things, again some of them are not actual words but we somehow understand them and what they mean. She's getting there bless her. 

Here is a dictionary according to Calleigh: 

Wa Daaat- What's that? 
Hu Derrr: Who's that? 
Arr Ditty: Aww Kitty 
Daddy- Daddy 
Dada- Mummy
Muu- Milk or drink

That is the extent of Calleigh's vocabulary at 13 months old.
She does understand a lot more though when we ask her things, she just prefers shaking or nodding her head.
Hopefully she will soon warm my heart by calling me mummy instead of dada all the time.
One can only hope...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Days

We had Lot's more snow over the weekend and Calleigh spent a lot of time enjoying it. 

On Saturday we took a walk into the square with Mee-Maw for a cup of tea. We didn't even take the push chair, Calleigh walked with us all the way (It took us a while, but we got there in the end).  


In the Snow

On Sunday Nanna and Grandad whisked Calleigh away to West Park and a ride on a sled. 




"He's behind me isn't he?"

Building a snowman

Yesterday, we built a snowman at Mee-Maw's house. 

I call him Cowboy Joe Snow

"Mummy! He's wearing my wellies!"


As much as it's great fun playing in the snow with Calleigh, I wish it would clear up a bit so we can venture out with the new trike we bought for her. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Put your Wellies on

The other day, for some unknown reason, Calleigh decided to put her wellies on her hands. I was in tears laughing as she waved them around in the air shouting. 

You can only wonder what goes on in that crazy little head of hers... 

Wearing her Wellies

Wearing her Wellies

Wearing her Wellies

Wearing her Wellies

Monday, 14 January 2013


The snow fell thick and fast today so I took my chance to let Calleigh have a good look at it. 

We went out for a play in Mee-Maws garden. Calleigh definitely found it interesting. She has been "ooooh"ing at it since it started to fall last night. 






We decided it was time to go in when one of her wellies came off and she had a snow covered sock.

Look how much she had changed since her first time in the snow last year!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Time for some Art

We noticed that Calleigh likes picking up pens and scribbling on bits of paper (or anything and everything for that matter) so for Christmas we brought Calleigh some (age appropriate) felt tip pens and a big A2 sketching pad. 

The other day I plonked her down in front of the pad. She reached for the pens straight away and began scribbling.


Pens blurry because she was dotting like a mad woman


Her first work of art


Unfortunately it wasn't long until one of the pens made it's way into her mouth. It also happened to be when I had turned my back for a few seconds and didn't realise. 

Close up

Friday, 11 January 2013

Who Needs a Laugh?

Calleigh got the giggles the other day. 
No idea what she was laughing at but it must have been good. 

My girl has one crazy laugh!!

It brings me to tears every time I watch this, even better was Calleigh's face when she watched it. She turned all serious, shook her head and was not at all pleased with the amount of noise. Oh I do love my crazy little bean. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A couple of weeks ago Calleigh took her first solo steps. At the time she was with Nanna and Grandad so we missed it :-( 
Since then we have been trying our hardest to get her confidence up to walk more. The other day she went mad walking around like she had been doing it for years. Unfortunately every time I tried to get a video of it she just shook her head at me and sat down, she obviously thought the world was not ready for her yet. 

Last night I finally managed to capture her walking! 

Soon she will be chasing poor Bianca around like there is no tomorrow..

I like on the video how Bianca soon runs away when she sees Calleigh haha 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Calleigh's Photobook

One of the Christmas presents I got Calleigh for Christmas was a photo book
(she will appreciate it when she is older).
I created the photo book using Truprint because I got 50% off from using Cow and Gate rewards on their growing up milk.
Truprint is powered by Snapfish so I was already a member and they are who I use for all my photo printing.

The Photo book I chose was an 8x8 square hard cover book, these are only £24.99, although you can add premium backgrounds and other extras such as a glossy finish for a little bit more.
I added a gloss finish to my book, I thought it would make it last better.
You can customise each page with how many photo's, background, text and even the orientation of the photo's. Each page can be completely different if you wanted it to but I stuck with the same theme throughout.

I am really happy with the finished product, It's a nice memento for Calleigh of her first year of life.

*apologies for the smudge on some of the photos, I gave Calleigh my camera the other day, apart from changing all the settings I was happy with she also appears to have got her fingers all over the lens, It was cute to watch though*

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year

2013 is here and Calleigh celebrated with her Cats!
Party Time

Party Cats
A few things we look forward to this year:
1. Finding out if we will be moving to St Louis
2. Seeing Calleigh walking and talking (She started walking last night, she went mad walking everywhere like she had been doing it for years, although she did look like she had drank too much haha).
And some New Years Resolutions:
1. Make more home cooked meals and eat as a family (I must admit I rely on Heinz meals too much).
2. Start being more social and take Calleigh to some toddler groups.
That's all.. I don't like to make resolutions as I find I never keep them, so only having 2 simple ones makes it easy to say "I kept to my resolutions".
Happy 2013 everyone!!