Monday, 7 January 2013

Calleigh's Photobook

One of the Christmas presents I got Calleigh for Christmas was a photo book
(she will appreciate it when she is older).
I created the photo book using Truprint because I got 50% off from using Cow and Gate rewards on their growing up milk.
Truprint is powered by Snapfish so I was already a member and they are who I use for all my photo printing.

The Photo book I chose was an 8x8 square hard cover book, these are only £24.99, although you can add premium backgrounds and other extras such as a glossy finish for a little bit more.
I added a gloss finish to my book, I thought it would make it last better.
You can customise each page with how many photo's, background, text and even the orientation of the photo's. Each page can be completely different if you wanted it to but I stuck with the same theme throughout.

I am really happy with the finished product, It's a nice memento for Calleigh of her first year of life.

*apologies for the smudge on some of the photos, I gave Calleigh my camera the other day, apart from changing all the settings I was happy with she also appears to have got her fingers all over the lens, It was cute to watch though*

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  1. awww i made one of these for Harry too, there so lovely arnt they :) lovely to look through and remember them as tiny babys x