Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Learning to Speak

Calleigh's first word was "meow". Now this may not technically be a word, probably more of a sound, but she meows when she sees cat's and that to me makes it her first word. 

Calleigh can now say a few more things, again some of them are not actual words but we somehow understand them and what they mean. She's getting there bless her. 

Here is a dictionary according to Calleigh: 

Wa Daaat- What's that? 
Hu Derrr: Who's that? 
Arr Ditty: Aww Kitty 
Daddy- Daddy 
Dada- Mummy
Muu- Milk or drink

That is the extent of Calleigh's vocabulary at 13 months old.
She does understand a lot more though when we ask her things, she just prefers shaking or nodding her head.
Hopefully she will soon warm my heart by calling me mummy instead of dada all the time.
One can only hope...


  1. Haha, it's hilarious that she calls you dada, I love that x

  2. Hi just fond your blog and have popped over from mine to join :) this is a lovely post xx


  3. Rosie still calls me Daddy sometimes and she is 2! Her wee head just must get confused!!

    Sophie xox