Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year

2013 is here and Calleigh celebrated with her Cats!
Party Time

Party Cats
A few things we look forward to this year:
1. Finding out if we will be moving to St Louis
2. Seeing Calleigh walking and talking (She started walking last night, she went mad walking everywhere like she had been doing it for years, although she did look like she had drank too much haha).
And some New Years Resolutions:
1. Make more home cooked meals and eat as a family (I must admit I rely on Heinz meals too much).
2. Start being more social and take Calleigh to some toddler groups.
That's all.. I don't like to make resolutions as I find I never keep them, so only having 2 simple ones makes it easy to say "I kept to my resolutions".
Happy 2013 everyone!!

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  1. She looks like you in that first picture! I bet Bianca will be so happy that Calleigh can walk now haha x