Saturday, 12 January 2013

Time for some Art

We noticed that Calleigh likes picking up pens and scribbling on bits of paper (or anything and everything for that matter) so for Christmas we brought Calleigh some (age appropriate) felt tip pens and a big A2 sketching pad. 

The other day I plonked her down in front of the pad. She reached for the pens straight away and began scribbling.


Pens blurry because she was dotting like a mad woman


Her first work of art


Unfortunately it wasn't long until one of the pens made it's way into her mouth. It also happened to be when I had turned my back for a few seconds and didn't realise. 

Close up


  1. Awww, it's so lovely when they start drawing.
    You are far braver then me, letting her use felt tips, i keep all pens away from my toddler!

  2. that's a bit risky - I didn't let you or Lana have a pencil until you were 14 years old lol
    lovely picture though - you should display that on the fridge - that's were all the good artwork goes.