Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Fun Day at the Farm

On Saturday Calleigh, me and my good friend Charlotte took a trip up to White Post Farm. This was Calleigh's first time at a farm and she loved it. 
I took the pushchair with me although it was more of a hindrance than anything as Calleigh just wanted to walk everywhere. And she did, her walking has come on leaps and bounds and this was her first solo outdoor adventure. 

The first thing we saw were the Turkey's, Calleigh spent quite a while looking at them which is understandable as they are quite strange looking creatures. The male actually freaked us out a little with his "nose". 

Looking at the Turkey

Looking at the Turkey

We then stopped for a cuppa before heading off to check out the rest of the farm. 
We saw some Meerkats and some Dogs and then went into the reptile house. There was a snake that was out for you to touch but Calleigh wouldn't touch it. The poor bloke who was there supervising looked so incredibly bored too. Calleigh was much more into the Tortoises and the big fish. 



Evil looking fish
That fish looks evil 

Eventually we moved on to the barn. On the way Calleigh got to sit in a tractor and meet some Chickens. 

In a tractor

Surrounded by Chickens

Inside the barn there were lots of cuddly bunny rabbits, goats, pigs and a llama. 
I attempted to feed the llama but threw my hand away (and the food all over the place) when it came towards my hand haha. 
Calleigh was not impressed at all and was a bit afraid of most of the larger animals inside the barn. 



Finally we walked past a duck pond spent some time feeding the ducks. 
Unfortunately Calleigh's throwing skills are not exactly very good and none of the food she threw at them actually made it past her own feet. 

Feeding the ducks

We had an awesome day and Calleigh was so tired when she got home. All that walking she did, I bet she felt like she had walked a marathon. 
I shall end this post with two videos I took on the day which I really like. 
The first one is Calleigh and Charlotte walking together. I think it looks so good and really shows off Calleigh's walking. 

And this one is Calleigh's attempt at feeding the ducks. 


  1. Ahhhhh cuteness! We took Rosie to the farm when she was about one and a half and she was so scared of the animals! X x

  2. Sounds like such a fun day was had :)
    What a little cute toddler Calleigh is! Very independent young woman walking by herself, it's really cute to watch x