Friday, 22 February 2013

New Trike

 After seeing a large number of parents pushing their kids around in a trike I decided I wanted one for Calleigh. 
We found one on Amazon that wasn't too much money and ordered it. It arrived the next day and we were a little disappointed to find that It had already been assembled then obviously sent back for some reason and resold to us. 
Nevertheless we set Calleigh to work on putting it together. 

Eventually Daddy had to get involved as Calleigh refused to read the instructions. Once it was built I was eager to take Calleigh out it in. Unfortunately it snowed a lot that week and we were not able to get out anywhere.

Finally with a bit of nicer warmer weather this week, it had it's maiden voyage to the park.

Calleigh enjoyed it and spent the whole journey shouting away and giggling to herself. I on the other hand found it difficult to steer and weaved left to right trying to keep it off the road. My arms were killing me by the time we got back home.
Maybe next time Daddy should push.


  1. I was planning on getting one for my little boy but am still undecided!! I always see mums with these looking pretty exhausted haha!

    1. I think it would be better if they could reach the pedals.. less work for us haha xx

  2. We have a trike this this and they are so hard to steer! It got put away and hasn't come back out for while a while, ooops!