Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Valentines Day

I know Valentines Day has long gone now but I just wanted to share with you what we did for Valentines Day. 

Paul made me believe he hadn't got me anything and even though I tried to pretend that I wasn't bothered the disappoint in my face when I woke up to no card or flowers was evident. Although he did bring me a cup of tea in bed, which was nice. 
When I got up to join Calleigh and Paul downstairs, Paul had carelessly left his phone on the table and just as I sat down his phone flashed up with an email. The preview read: "Your Interflora delivery is on it's way". I grinned at Paul and he instantly knew that the jig was up. 
Later that day I received a beautiful heart shaped box of roses. 

That evening we had booked in at our local pub for a 3 course feast for two. We took Calleigh along and also invited my mum and sister. 
The pub was beautifully decorated with hearts and roses and the tables were all set up nicely. Calleigh even had a heart shaped napkin on her highchair. 

To eat we both had a Combo starter, Steak for main and for dessert I had black forest gateaux while Paul gave his to Lana who happily scoffed down two desserts. 
Calleigh was treated to her favourite, fish fingers chips and peas. 


Calleigh spent the rest of the evening running around the pub like a mad woman until someone said hello to her and she came bolting back to us, bless her. 

Just a quick one before I go, I have started up a new blog called Emigrating with the Eatons which will cover everything we do on our journey to America and whilst we are there (if we get there). 
You can check it out here. 


  1. Oh hello, a new blog??? sounds like a lovely day xxx

  2. Caleigh is so cute and sounds like you had an awesome Valentines Day!