Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New JoJo Outlet

Exciting news!

The lovely people at JoJo Maman Bebe have informed me that they have just launched there new online outlet store. 

You can find some amazing savings on childrenswear, maternity, nursery and lots other products.

So what are you waiting for, check out the savings you could be making.

Visit the JoJo Outlet here

There are some awesome savings to be had at the moment.

Here is my favourite

These beautiful real leather pink heart booties are reduced from £14 down to £9.

There are loads more for boys and girls on the website!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Outfit Of The Month: March

Long Sleeve Pink Kitty Top- Baby Gap
Jeggings- Ted Baker at Debenhams

All my outfit photo's now seem to be action shots as the little monkey won't stand still anymore. 

I've also just started tying her hair up as I think it looks adorable. Now if she would just sit still whilst I do it I may be able to centre it next time haha. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Painting with Peppa

I always love finding new and interesting things to do with Calleigh. Recently I have been buying the Peppa Pig magazine, It's a little bit "old" for her as she can't read or write yet but she enjoys the bright pages and free toys you get with it. Plus it's filled with colouring pages, stickers and lot's of fun activities to try. 

Peppa Pig Magazine

Calleigh absolutely loves stickers at the moment. 
Everywhere is covered with stickers. Doors, windows, tables, carpets and even in the bottom of your cup of tea. 
You name it there is a sticker on it.

The other day we tried a bit of what I call "safe" painting. It's actually the magic pages where you just paint using water and it puts colour on the page. Calleigh had a good time using the paint brush but seemed much more interested in tipping the water everywhere. 

Painting with Peppa

Painting with Peppa

Painting with Peppa

I think we will stick to crayons for the time being, even if they do end up as a snack (the blue crayon has a few bites out of it). 

In other news Calleigh has rented out her travel cot to the cat.

Silly Cat

Silly Kitty!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Princess Ball Pit

Yesterday I thought to myself that it's been a while since I brought Calleigh something new to play with. 
So after browsing the Argos catalogue and their 2 for £15 sections on toys I decided on a Princess Ball Pit.

Princess Ball Pit
Yes, those are Calleigh's shoes in there

The balls were not included so I had to buy them seperately, I got 100 balls for £4.99 which isn't bad but I think I may have to get some more, they hardly fill the pit and I think from the way Calleigh throws them around we may lose a few. 

Princess Ball Pit
On the foot pump

Unfortunately as I was on my own and Calleigh didn't like the noise of the air compressor I had to get the foot pump out and do it that way. It took ages! And I felt like I had walked a marathon afterwards. 
It was all worth it though!

Princess Ball Pit
Getting in

Princess Ball Pit
Flicking the balls around

Princess Ball Pit

I love the blurred photo, her little arms were moving so fast flicking the balls around. 

Princess Ball Pit

Princess Ball Pit

Princess Ball Pit

I spent most of the night picking balls up from around the house (there was even one in the cat's food), whilst the cat spent the night ducking and dodging balls Calleigh was throwing at her, the little monkey! 

Monday, 18 March 2013

We Went For a Meal

Yesterday myself, Calleigh, Mee Maw and Great Nanna went out for a meal. 
We went to a pre-opening of the Bull's Head in our village. They have been closed for about 4 weeks to do a massive re-furb and I must say it is looking very nice. 
My favourite addition is the kids play area. 

Play Area

Play Area

Play Area

Although Calleigh would only go in if there was no other kids in there and even then she had to drag great Nanna with her. 

Whilst my Mum and Nanna opted for the Sunday roast, I went for a cheese tart and jacket potato and Calleigh had chicken dippers, mash and peas. 

Poor Calleigh (having refused to nap earlier) fell asleep just before her dinner arrived so I let her have 10 minutes while it cooled down a bit (I don't know why restaurants serve kids meals at 200 degrees). 

When she awoke she dug straight into her peas, that girl does love her peas!



For dessert we ordered a giant carrot cake to take away with us. We ate it that night when Calleigh had gone to bed and it was soooo good. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Playing with the Cat

One of Calleigh's favourite things to do when we go to visit Mee Maw is chasing little Bianca around the house. 

Playing with the cat
Looking a bit nervous

Playing with the cat
Going in for a stroke

Playing with the cat
Following the cat

Bianca on the other hand is less than pleased when we come to visit. It means her lazy afternoon snoozing on the sofa is replaced with hiding in her tunnel. 

The Cat
She heard Calleigh coming

The Cat
So retreated to her tunnel 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Walk With Daddy

We have had a little taste of spring the last couple of days with some beautiful sunshine and it stays light a lot longer too. 
So when Daddy finished work we decided to take a little walk through our village. 

Calleigh obviously wanted to walk off on her own, much to Daddies displeasure. 
We ended up on the Park which I think released a bit of Daddies inner child as he yobbed about on the kiddie swings. 

Calleigh found it hilarious. 
We then moved onto the bigger slide, which I took Calleigh up with me as it's quite high up. We were all ready for a nice big slide down but unfortunately my bottom got stuck halfway and Daddy had to push us the rest of the way to free me when it widened at the end. 
That was a low point for me right there. 

We had a lovely time together as a family. 
It's so important to me that we have family days like this. Paul has even said we should do it more often.