Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Walk With Daddy

We have had a little taste of spring the last couple of days with some beautiful sunshine and it stays light a lot longer too. 
So when Daddy finished work we decided to take a little walk through our village. 

Calleigh obviously wanted to walk off on her own, much to Daddies displeasure. 
We ended up on the Park which I think released a bit of Daddies inner child as he yobbed about on the kiddie swings. 

Calleigh found it hilarious. 
We then moved onto the bigger slide, which I took Calleigh up with me as it's quite high up. We were all ready for a nice big slide down but unfortunately my bottom got stuck halfway and Daddy had to push us the rest of the way to free me when it widened at the end. 
That was a low point for me right there. 

We had a lovely time together as a family. 
It's so important to me that we have family days like this. Paul has even said we should do it more often. 

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