Saturday, 23 March 2013

Painting with Peppa

I always love finding new and interesting things to do with Calleigh. Recently I have been buying the Peppa Pig magazine, It's a little bit "old" for her as she can't read or write yet but she enjoys the bright pages and free toys you get with it. Plus it's filled with colouring pages, stickers and lot's of fun activities to try. 

Peppa Pig Magazine

Calleigh absolutely loves stickers at the moment. 
Everywhere is covered with stickers. Doors, windows, tables, carpets and even in the bottom of your cup of tea. 
You name it there is a sticker on it.

The other day we tried a bit of what I call "safe" painting. It's actually the magic pages where you just paint using water and it puts colour on the page. Calleigh had a good time using the paint brush but seemed much more interested in tipping the water everywhere. 

Painting with Peppa

Painting with Peppa

Painting with Peppa

I think we will stick to crayons for the time being, even if they do end up as a snack (the blue crayon has a few bites out of it). 

In other news Calleigh has rented out her travel cot to the cat.

Silly Cat

Silly Kitty!

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