Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bath Time Fun and Review

One of the best things about our new house is the fact that we now have a bath tub to bath Calleigh in. Back in England we only had a shower and struggled bathing her in the small bath tubs for babies. 

The first time we bathed her here it didn't go so well. She cried and refused to sit down. I think the sheer size of it may have frightened her a little bit. So on our next shopping trip I picked up some fun bath toys to make bath time a little more fun in the hopes that she would be less afraid. 
And it worked. 
She had a great time splashing about and playing with her new toys. 
She even said a new word "bubbles" (see the video at the end).

Bath Time
Big smiles for bath time

Bath Time
Brushing her teeth

The bath toys I decided on were by Munchkin. 

Bath Time

The first thing I brought were some bath crayons, she loves colouring on things and more often that not it is the floor or the walls. So when I saw these I thought it was a great idea that she could colour all over the bath tub without being told off as it rubs off really easy. 

Bath Time

I also picked up some bath time turtles. They float on the water and each one has a different interaction. One has a mirror, another has a rolling ball and the last one has little balls inside to shake about. 

Bath Time

Finally, and personally my favourite, are the bath dunkers. This fun little toy includes a net which suctions onto the side of the tub and 3 little puffer fish balls which also can be used as squirters. Calleigh definitely had the most fun with these and spent most of her time in the bath putting them in the net.

Bath Time

Bath Time
She lines up the shot

Bath Time
And she scores!!!

All three toys have proved a great success in making bath time more fun and something we look forward to. In fact they worked so well we had tears coming out the bath instead of getting in. 

And here is the video of Calleigh saying her new favourite word!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Camel Ride

The other day, whilst on a trip to Grant's Farm, I saw a sign that I just could not ignore:

Camel Rides- $5

How amazing! 
I don't know why but I've always wanted to ride on a camel and since it was really more for kids and I would look a bit strange riding around on one on my own, I decided to take Calleigh on with me. 

Here are some photo's documenting our ride

Mounting the Camel

I don't know who looks worse, Me or the Camel? 

We also took a ride on the Carousel.. And look how much Calleigh enjoyed it!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Amazing Cake and Long Walks

The Friday just gone was Calleigh's great Nanna's birthday, so on Sunday, after a lovely dinner, we had some cake. 
It was the most amazing cake I have ever eaten in my life! 

It wasn't your typical birthday cake, instead I opted for two quarters of different cake from The Cheesecake Factory. 

We lit some candles on top and let Calleigh help her great Nanna blow them out before tucking in. 

Feeling a bit full afterwards we, Daddy and I, decided to take a walk around Elvaston Castle, after all it was such a nice day out.
Calleigh was happily walking along beside us, taking in all the sights and was really content even with all the dogs walking past her (she has never been a big fan of dogs). It was going really well until one dog decided he needed to give Calleigh a little lick on the face. It all went downhill from there, Calleigh burst in to tears and refused to be put down.
We fed some ducks and geese and then made our way back home.

What a lovely day we had. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Outfit Of The Month: April

Outfit of the Month

Outfit of the Month

Outfit of the Month

Outfit of the Month
Caught out by the flash

So a new GAP store opened just outside of the Westfield Centre in Derby and they had a massive 50% off everything in store. 
The perfect opportunity to treat Calleigh to a few new clothes. 

Pink Hoodie: GAP (obviously) 
Jeans: GAP
White T-Shirt: Next 

Happy Blogaversary Oh So Amelia! Gift Card Giveaway!

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Calleigh's First Happy Meal

After a hard day emptying our house and trips to the tip we decided to grab something to eat. 

As McDonalds are doing the Monopoly Fortunes again and I love collecting the little stickers you get and the instant win freebies are great, I decided we should go there and get Calleigh her first Happy Meal. 

She had fish fingers and chips (a favourite of hers). 
She knocked back her chips but barely touched her fish fingers, probably too full from all the chips, the little fatty. 

Wanting what Mummy was eating