Thursday, 4 April 2013

Calleigh's First Happy Meal

After a hard day emptying our house and trips to the tip we decided to grab something to eat. 

As McDonalds are doing the Monopoly Fortunes again and I love collecting the little stickers you get and the instant win freebies are great, I decided we should go there and get Calleigh her first Happy Meal. 

She had fish fingers and chips (a favourite of hers). 
She knocked back her chips but barely touched her fish fingers, probably too full from all the chips, the little fatty. 

Wanting what Mummy was eating


  1. fast food - get used to that kid - where you are going it's the big thing.

  2. Oh man, now I need some McDonalds. Haha! Our girl hasn't tried a happy meal yet per se, but she's had a makeshift kid's meal from chick-fil-a. :) She is too cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Following you back via bloglovin + gfc now. Happy to find another fellow mama. :) Hope you'll stop by and linking up with us again this weekend!