Wednesday, 22 May 2013

She's What? Growing up?

I have some very fond memories of when Calleigh was a newborn. 

In fact, Calleigh being poorly this past week has brought a lot of them memories back to me. 
The other day she actually fell asleep in my arms. She hasn't done that since she was a mere 1 or 2 months old, when holding her head up for more than 10 seconds was the greatest achievement. These days it's how fast she can unravel the toilet roll or how many items she can take out of the cupboards (with child locks on!!) before I notice. 

Don't get me wrong it's amazing (if a little frustrating) to watch her antics and see her learning new stuff everyday. It fascinates me how she can have grown so much in just 17 months. 

But sometimes I wish we could just turn the clock back, just for an hour or so, to when she was a little baby. When she needed me for everything, when I held her in my arms for hours at a time just cuddling her (these days I'm looking if I can get her to sit still for 5 seconds). When she couldn't open doors and drawers and run around like a mad woman wearing my underwear and screaming nonsense. 

Oh wouldn't that be wonderful. 

But alas, here we are. She was sat quietly watching TV this morning so I went to get dressed, I was gone just 5 minutes and when I came back she was still sat watching TV, but every item from the kitchen cupboards was out and bits of tissue paper all over the floor, sigh.  

She is only getting older and cheekier by each passing day. 

Racing towards the infamous terrible twos. 

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  1. I often think the same - if only I could turn the clock back 24 years lol!!!
    miss you all -