Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Introducing the Potty

Calleigh is 18 months old today so Daddy and I have decided it's time to introduce the first step of potty training. 

Our first step is introducing the potty to Calleigh and having it in the bathroom next to our toilet. This way she can become accustomed to it and it won't be something new and exciting she wants to play with when the time comes to start step 2. 

She has also been coming to the toilet with me when I need to go and I tell her what I am doing (no more detail needs to go here as I am sure everyone who reads this will be fully aware what goes down in the bathroom). And when I am changing her nappy I use the same words to create the connection between diaper changes and the potty. 

The potty we chose was a Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System by Tomy. It's a 3 in 1 system which means it can be used as a potty, a trainer seat for an adult toilet and a step stool. It also has a handle which plays fun sounds when pushed. 

It's a slow process, last week whilst accompanying me to the bathroom she just ran off with the toilet roll and she still likes to use the rubber seat as a Frisbee at the moment but I'm sure with a bit of perseverance we will be moving on to step 2 shortly (the step I am most definitely not looking forward to).

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