Monday, 6 May 2013

Out with Nature

There are lots and lots of places out here you can enjoy the outdoors. From National and State parks to smaller Conservation Areas, all filled with nature hikes and interesting trails, places for picnics and BBQ's and wild animals and birds. 

We took a walk down one of the trails one day last week and Calleigh picked up a big stick and used it to walk with, occasionally stopping to move around the dirt and flick out big stones. It was a bit on the cold side that day though so we didn't get chance to walk far. Although we do plan to do lots more walks when the nice weather finally gets here. 

On a different, warmer day last week we were invited to a BBQ with Paul's work. Calleigh had a great time exploring more of the outdoors and proceeded in finding interesting leaves and rocks and passing them around to Paul's co-workers.

It wasn't until the next day when Paul came home from work and informed me that someone at work asked if we had checked Calleigh for Ticks when we got home as she had found one on herself that we freaked out a little bit.
We have now stocked up on bug spray, tweezers and a first aid kit, just in case! 


  1. don't do it - forget the tweezers, get yourself a jar of vaseline if you don't already have one, paste the vaseline all over the end of the tick, within 24 hours it should drop off - DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT pull it off with tweezers or anything else. pops

  2. Ewww ticks! But aside from the ticks, I'm so jealous of how amazing her little childhood in America will be xx