Sunday, 19 May 2013

What a Week!

If you're wondering why you've not heard much from us this past week it's because both Calleigh and I have been struck down with an awful cold. 

It got Calleigh Thursday of last week, It started off as just a chesty cough but she woke up almost every hour that night crying and when morning came and we went to get her up she had red eyes, a red runny nose and was full of it. She looked so poorly bless her. At her worst she spent pretty much the whole day crying unable to calm herself. The only time she stopped was when I manged to settle her down for a nap. 
It really was a challenge for us. 
It made us realise how much we miss having family around us to help out.

I have spent the most part of the last week cleaning up snot from around the house, I cannot explain how much there was. The pillows, the carpet, the floor, the bed, her toys, the TV, there was not a place untouched that I didn't have to scrub clean. 

And as fate would have it I woke up on Friday morning feeling the worst I have felt in a long time. I literally struggled to get myself out of bed at all that day. 
The first thing I did was hobble over to Paul, dizzy and weak, and with tears in my eyes proclaimed how poorly I was and that I needed him to take the day off work to help with Calleigh. 
His response- he said "aww" and then rolled over and went back to sleep. My dear husband is many things, sympathetic not being one of them. Although I don't blame him, when he is ill I tell him to man up and get on with it. 

I sent him out to get me some supplies for the day: strong flu tablets, chicken soup and juice with added vitamin C and spent the day in bed. 

Luckily it seemed to do the trick and I am feeling much better today, just a sore throat to battle with, but nothing that will keep me bed bound. 

I have so much to catch up on now so look forward to Lot's of new posts including how Calleigh is doing at daycare and a recipe for my yummy homemade scones (which Calleigh absolutely loves).

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  1. Aw you poor things :( I love that last picture, she looks like she's just given up on life haha x