Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Little Update

I thought it was about time I do a little update to let you all know how Calleigh is getting along and share a few of her current likes and dislikes in CV format of course. 

Basic Stats

Height: 2 foot 7 inches
Weight: 21 lbs 


Learning to Speak: Calleigh can now say a whole host of new words, the main one being Mummy. 
She can also say:
  • cook cook (cookie)
  • Bubbles 
  • La La (Auntie Lana)
  • Mee Mee (Mee-Maw)
  • Milk 
  • Car 
  • Ball
  • Pat
  • Hi
  • And Bye

Learning about herself: Calleigh is now able to point to certain parts of her body when I say them. 
So far she knows; 
  • Head
  • Toes
  • Hands 
  • Knees 
  • And Boobies (yes boobies). 

Learning about the world: She can recognize certain animals and the sound they make: 
  • Cow
  • Duck
  • Cat
  • Sheep 
She also knows when I say night night to give kisses and cuddles and then walks to the stairs. 
Her interactions have come on wonderfully too. She greets people with "Hi" and "Bye", say's "Ta" when you pass her something, joins in with the Little Einsteins when they blast off on a new adventure, sings whilst playing the piano and dances like a maniac to music. 

Things she knows that she shouldn't: 
  • How to open the safety latches on the cupboards.
  • How to make you do anything she wants

Favourite Food: Peas
Favourite Toy: Tea set
Favourite Book: That's Not My Kitten
Favourite Programme: Little Einsteins
Favourite thing to do: Pull a funny face, pass wind and then laugh about it or walk around in Mummy and Daddy's shoes. 

Dislikes: Thunder, dirt on the floor and hairy legs. 

Just for the fun of it because I have no idea how this happened since on my phone this is just a still photo but Google appears to have made it move, here is a photo of princess Calleigh herself. 
I find this hilarious! 

Dancing Calleigh

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  1. Haha, google does crazy things! Is that's not my kitten the one I bought? If so I feel so cool right now x

    1. It is indeed the one you brought. She always picks it out of all her other books and comes running over with it shouting "mow mow"


  2. love it - brilliant - thanks for the update - let me know when she points at a boiled egg and says granpop