Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fun at the Fair?

There's always loads of things to do out here, It's just if you can find them. I always feel that there are loads of things we are missing out on, especially when our weekends so far have mostly been filled with shopping and sorting out the house.  
So when we stumbled across a little fair last weekend I decided we should go a have a bit of fun at the fair. 

 It was a hot day so Calleigh wasn't in the best of moods (the heat makes her quite grumpy) but we took her on a couple of rides anyway. Neither of which she particularly enjoyed. But we did win her a little princess crown on hook a duck so the day wasn't a complete waste. 

Fun at the fair

Fun at the fair

Fun at the fair

We are now looking forward to the Missouri State Fair in August. 
Also coming up soon, I have signed myself up to be a zombie at the St Louis Zombie Run event. I am beyond excited about this. As well as getting to scare the living daylights out of innocent runners I get a movie style zombie makeover and we will all be invited to the Quarantine Party after the event. 
I just hope I don't scare Calleigh when she sees me.

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