Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Last Weekend by the Lake

Last weekend we took Calleigh to another nearby State Park. 
The August Busch State Park which has loads of lakes perfect for fishing or just to check out some of the wildlife. 

While we were there we saw a birds nest tucked neatly under a sign with cute baby birds in, loads of fish, ducks and dragonflies. 

Later that day we attempted to have a picnic next to a small lake nearby our home but unfortunately things did not go to plan. Calleigh put her foot in the bowl of pasta salad I had prepared and it seemed all she was interested in doing was scaring the life out of me and Daddy by running towards the water. 

And yes that is a Christmas tablecloth I used as a picnic blanket, I must invest in a new one if we ever attempt to try this again. 

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